Jan. 2nd, 2015

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Old year ended, new one begun. New Year's Eve involved large glasses of 'Cuba Libre', fireworks on TV, then ABC1 led off their NYE edition of "rage" with an INXS song from 1982, and ABC2 with the first episode of 'Red Dwarf'. I think they judged the stay-at-home demographic nicely.

Last year was a real mixture of highs and lows, although thankfully not too many of the latter. Work seems to have sorted itself out for the time being. On the home front we need to invest in some repair work soon - so no overseas trips for a while!

Fair warning - it might be an idea to use the arrows to expand a section at a time - this post is pretty image heavy!

This was New Year's Eve a year ago (2013), on a chilly, rainy balcony in London...

Dark night, a bright burst of fireworks in the distance illuminates buildings

The rest of January 2014 was spent travelling at home - with a friend )

A couple more from January as we headed inland )

February, March... April )

May and June... warning for bunnies )

July ran into August which escaped to September... )

Oh, October... )

Remember November... )

So, welcome 2015, come in, have a drink, I'm sure we'll get along (don't mind me, I just have my fingers crossed).

Oh, and icon? Is from a fort battle that I was in at a multi-period re-enactment event - back in '89. A friend scanned a bunch of photos for Facebook. Another old friend has just posted a picture of me, circa mid-80's, wearing a pair of glasses that are almost larger than Susan's (Pros). Turns out there is no escape *g*.


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