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Old year ended, new one begun. New Year's Eve involved large glasses of 'Cuba Libre', fireworks on TV, then ABC1 led off their NYE edition of "rage" with an INXS song from 1982, and ABC2 with the first episode of 'Red Dwarf'. I think they judged the stay-at-home demographic nicely.

Last year was a real mixture of highs and lows, although thankfully not too many of the latter. Work seems to have sorted itself out for the time being. On the home front we need to invest in some repair work soon - so no overseas trips for a while!

Fair warning - it might be an idea to use the arrows to expand a section at a time - this post is pretty image heavy!

This was New Year's Eve a year ago (2013), on a chilly, rainy balcony in London...

Dark night, a bright burst of fireworks in the distance illuminates buildings

The rest of January 2014 was spent travelling at home - with a friend )

A couple more from January as we headed inland )

February, March... April )

May and June... warning for bunnies )

July ran into August which escaped to September... )

Oh, October... )

Remember November... )

So, welcome 2015, come in, have a drink, I'm sure we'll get along (don't mind me, I just have my fingers crossed).

Oh, and icon? Is from a fort battle that I was in at a multi-period re-enactment event - back in '89. A friend scanned a bunch of photos for Facebook. Another old friend has just posted a picture of me, circa mid-80's, wearing a pair of glasses that are almost larger than Susan's (Pros). Turns out there is no escape *g*.

Home Alone

Nov. 9th, 2014 05:57 pm
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On Friday B headed off to Jervis Bay for a kayaking expedition with some new mates. I've been watching the FB updates from one of them, who is possibly a little bemused by this strange tart 'liking' his watery adventures.

Meanwhile... )
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Or - I know I was complaining about the heat, but this is ridiculous.

Snow at Blackheath, Sydney airport closed: thunder and lightning, may be a little frightening!!!!

At the moment it's "just" raining heavily outside. Yesterday's trip home was interesting, with a torrential storm for about half the length of the M4. I thought it had almost stopped once I reached the local shops and was surprised to find it still quite wet when I got out of the car. Relativities!
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No major update - I've been back at work for a fortnight, and this weekend we have a 2-day event, a new Medieval Faire on the north-east side of Sydney. The trailer's packed, shouting all done with for now; I am slow-cooking two beef roasts for one meal or another, not quite sure which until we scope the site and the options; and I might think about producing dinner in a few minutes.

The Scottish vote:- best suggestion so far from one of the many members of the Not Actually Living There contingent who, like me, have mixed ancestry (in my case it's Scottish/Welsh/English/Maori) - it must be time for a Home Rule movement for Wessex and Mercia!

OK, you might need to be a history geek for that one.

I have the Youtube vid of "Who do you think you are" lined up for watching, but I think tonight it'll be Castle and early to bed.
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I have been nursing a sore right wrist for the past few days – due, I think, to forgetting how heavy our large cast iron frying pan really is on my first night back. It was exacerbated by chopping firewood, which I normally enjoy – so I've been forced to minimise typing on the computer and the report has stayed largely in my head. No matter, as [personal profile] moonlightmead and others have already done an excellent job, so this is really just an assemblage of dot points, in not quite random order.

On to the dot points… )
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How many of you listen to podfic? I've just started: I needed hands and eyes to do some chores, no-one else in the house, I thought I'd check out the very few (3) Professionals podfics that seem to be available.
Read more... )
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 Hello! It's been a while, for all sorts of reasons, mostly competing priorities and feeling generally overloaded. I'll try to say something about  that later. But not too much today, I promise.
First though, what do you think about the cricket? I am going to try to post this before the last wicket of the first test falls, because I think the result will have been well earned whichever side wins.  I've given the Youtube vids of Agar's 98 a workout, and I stayed up far too late last night enjoying the second innings contest between the English bowlers and Aussie batsmen. Of course as soon as I did go to bed wickets fell, so an English victory looks more likely right now. You can never tell though. At the very least this beginning augurs well for the rest of the Ashes series.
Some of the commentary has been fun to read as well. I really enjoyed the hell out of the guy who named Broad (quite tongue in cheek) "The Man Who Shot Cricket." Of course it's a batsman's job to defend his wicket as long as possible - it's the umpires' responsibility to determine if he's in or out. The Spirit of the Game code doesn't say anything about whether a batsman should walk or not, but they do have something to say about false appeals by the fielding side, which is why we don't see as  many of those...{dislodges tongue, climbs off soapbox}.
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My home smells of lemon and garlic and cumin because I'm marinating lamb strips overnight. You know that means I've got a few days to myself, right? *g*

Had the most wonderful trip away this Easter. There's a pine forest just outside Armidale where a local Dark Ages group holds biennial Gatherings. Since 1992(!) Actually there was one in 1990 that got rained out, but a few silly fools *g* made it to that one anyway, and some of us count it as a kind of unofficial first.

I've been doing 17th century for the last decade and a half and haven't been to a Gathering for years. I couldn't stay for all of it - curse you, real life! - but what I did experience made me feel terribly nostalgic for the old days. Beautiful site and lovely, welcoming people.

Here have some photos:
Behind the cut )
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Family stuff again, but of the good this time.

My niece is a keen rower, and is pretty good at it too (3 gold medals in various classes at the recent NZ Nationals... /auntie brag). She has the opportunity to take up a sporting scholarship to a university in the US this year and she wants to do a degree in logistics management.

So she has two offers. One from Ohio State (Columbus), the other from Michigan State (East Lansing). Both offer the courses she's after. There are a couple of other scholarship girls from NZ at Michigan. The finances are about the same. Ohio wanted an answer last week, but in view of Dad's death they've given her more time. The offer from Michigan only came in a week ago.

So... is anyone familiar with either of these universities? Any advice, anecdotes, information about them, the cities they are in, anything to help her make up her mind - I said I'd ask!
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I'm just back from a long weekend in Melbourne, combining my favourite things - re-enactment and Pros. [ profile] byslantedlight was visiting \o/, there was the possibility of an IRL meeting with someone I'd only been in email contact with before, and then there was some talkfest-y stuff that was happening in association with the Timeline Fair, which I hoped wouldn't get in the way of more informal enjoyment *g*. Oh, and Melbourne is a great place to visit, with many interesting things within an easy tram-ride.

900 km of driving (one-way) was too hard, and I didn't want to perform the airport shuttle juggle, so I took the overnight train from Strathfield, arriving early in the morning. Walked from Southern Cross station to a friend's house in West Melbourne, chatted with Rob and Laura for a little while, then left Rob to get on with thesis/seminar/something similar writing and went shopping. Victoria Markets were only five minutes away:
pics and more under the cut )
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So many of my IRL friends are on Facebook, yet it continues to baffle me. I can see no sense in the way things appear on one's wall, for example. A friend on holiday has updated 3 times in the past few days yet her most recent - sent from Heathrow, on her way back to Oz - was actually listed below the earlier two. I've figured out that I don't actually see the updates of lots of friends I want to keep up with - these are the ones who, like me, post something about once a month, if that - but I'm swamped by "share" messages (of varying quality) and rot from people who post 6 times a day. Do Not Like!

I'm surprisingly invested in tonight's RWC semi-final between France and Wales. Go Wales! It would be great to see a Wales vs All Blacks final. I mustn't get ahead of myself though - with Carter out for the rest of the tournament and McCaw injured but playing, tomorrow's game will be tough. Less of the good wishes though, ta mate.
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Oh, LJ was down, so I tried to post to DW but it wouldn't let me, and now LJ is up again I can - hah! Anyway, if you're on DW* and if you have the time (i.e. not stuck at work like me) you can go to this feed I set up and grab the AO3 link for halotolerant's Big Bang story "Orpheus Turns Around". I only read a smidgen last night for reasons that are not germane here: what needs to be said is that this fic is pushing my buttons so hard, I can't wait to get home tonight and read the rest.

/end PSA (and fixed the link, doh)

*and if you're on LJ and getting the crosspost you can go straight to the comm, right?
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I really, really must get back to some sort of active lj life. No excuses, this time I have a completely free long weekend. No committments or distractions. See how long it takes me to post this...

...Right. It's Sunday night, I've got the England/Scotland game recorded and ready to watch, and a post. An actual post :):):)

LJ cut gives you the option of dodging the detail )
Ohhhh, seriously, I think I need to stop there. Let August take care of itself, although I may come back to September soon, since it's only just become last month.

One more moment of stupidity - while I was writing this post I went back into my Inbox to check old messages - and promptly managed to delete the lot! So if I've missed something of yours that I need to reply to, please pm me again *shameface*.
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A brief recap: Months ago, I posted about my search to discover when 'The Professionals' first aired in Australia. Using the State Library of NSW holdings of Sydney TV Weeks I came up with a date in September 1981, but there were gaps in the collection and I received several comments from people who had clear memories of watching Pros earlier than 1981.

The National Library in Canberra has a very good collection of editions from different States, but they don't lend periodicals and Canberra itself is a three hour drive from where I live. I had good intentions, about which I did nothing for months, then I found out that [profile] jaycat would be in Canberra in the week after Easter! Oh, happy coincidence - I had planned to attend a reenactment event near Braidwood over the break, so I wouldn't have as far to travel. I had other excuses - the Ballets Russe costume exhibition at the National Gallery which I thought I'd missed, then found out it had been extended until the end of the month, but that was really just the icing... Pros meetage and research! Whee!

So there we were... )

Warning, this section contains very many DETAILS )

Miscellaneous )
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Copied from [ profile] loyseofverlaine, in lieu of the planned but still unfinished catch-up post:

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Multi-Faceted Soul

In a way, you are a truly balanced person. You have a good sense of self, but you have periods of worry and self doubt. You don't like to be alone a lot, but you don't like being constantly surrounded, either. You can be shy in some situations and bold in others. You can tell people how you feel, but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You aren't "TOO" anything: You aren't too shy, you aren't too aggressive, you aren't too extroverted, you aren't too introverted. However at any one time you can be any combination of these things.

You tend to adapt yourself to match the situations in which you find yourself. You may be quiet and sensitive with some people, or joking and loud with others. These are all facets of your personality. People tend to perceive you as they want to perceive you. They may even tend to idealize you a bit. Then, when you do something that doesn't fit their concept of who you are (like have an outburst of anger, or a fit of shyness, or make an insensitive joke)they can be shocked and surprised. Does anyone know the real you?

Your daemon would represent your multi-faceted and ever-changing personality, as well as people's tendency to idealize you. He or she would get angry when you did not, be calm and poised when you felt ruffled and anxious, and always be the voice of emotion and reason in your ear.

Suggested forms:
Swan, Elephant, Koala, Panda, Chameleon, Wolf.

Take The Golden Compass Daemon Test at HelloQuizzy

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Livejournal links:
[ profile] the_safehouse A place for all Professionals fans (primarily slash-focused)
[ profile] discoveredinalj Slash, but gen-friendly comm for seasonal/festive challenges
[ profile] pros_pearl A community celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'The Professionals' - slash/gen
[ profile] ci5hq Story recs and discussion.
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Some entries in this journal are friends-locked. Comment to be added.

Other Stuff )

England 2

Oct. 16th, 2010 12:48 pm
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Here am I in London again (Kingston really), eating left-over from the writing week Fruit 'n Fibre out of a coffee cup. It works quite well - they are large cups, and I'm using the juice from the pineapple and a couple of the milk portions that go with the hospitality coffee & tea, because there's no way I'm paying the nearly ten quid the hotel wants for a full breakfast.

I have a charged up oystercard, and was going to visit the Museum of Docklands today, maybe the Wallace Collection as well, but I woke up feeling almost as tired as when I went to bed. Who knew a writing holiday would be so exhausting *g*. So that's tomorrow's plan instead. Probably do some shopping today, I still have some room in my bag.

More trip report and pics under the cut )


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