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Thanks to everyone who completed the poll in my last entry or commented. I have made a snazzy graph of the responses (under the cut).

I didn't explain what prompted me to make the poll in the first place, which led to some (interesting, entirely relevant) comments about alternatives to penetrative sex (Note 1). Again, thank you all.

Now here's the background: I was pootling around on Dreamwidth, checking out the Pros comms and their members' reading lists for [ profile] the_safehouse's user info update when I came across this. Scroll down to the end of the page for the Pros entry. It made me go hmm... and I realised I'd been doing a lot of that (hmm-ing, I mean) lately, because there seems to be a prevalent, if not exactly dominant, opinion around in Pros fandom that having the lads fucking without some sort of lube (that isn't saliva) is unrealistic, scary to contemplate, painful etc. And that concerns me, not least because it leads to some pretty dodgy work-arounds. Those ex-girlfriends who leave their night cream on the bedside table, for example - whut? (Note 2). It also shuts out some perfectly good, not to mention hot scenarios - going to quote [ profile] squeeful here, because she said it well:

Just spit? Realistic? Oh yeah. Painful? Yeah, chances are it's going to hurt, at least a little bit. But that could be what the persons involved are going for. The more the characters are worked up, the less likely I am going to cringe. Don't ignore that there's an edge of pain/discomfort; work it into the scene.

Discussion later - on with the results...

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From Four Hours On, Four Hours Off" by FJBryan:

"Who uses spit? That's only for desperate circumstances."

Go your attention? Good. This here's a poll - about spit, and sodomy, in slash Prosfic.

Please go behind the cut to find the poll itself. Adult concepts, probably NSFW )

ETA: notifications aren't getting through to my yahoo account. Sorry for any delays in replyng.
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I've been wondering about rosters and such. If CI5 has x agents (does anyone know how many? I can't remember where I saw that info), and is presumably a 24 hour, seven days/week organisation, how many would be on duty at any given time? What was the standard working week, excluding overtime? How many weeks annual leave would agents have - what comparison with the police, armed services and civil servants at the time?

I haz the tools, what I need is the opinions :)

ETA: To let you know where this is going, I vaguely remember something about CI5 having approximately 45 operatives - if that's the case, a rotating roster of 8 hour days, 40 hour week, shifts being day/evening/ night, personnel being 18/10/6 for each of those shifts (weekends 10/10/6), 6 weeks per year for leave and training, would chew up all of those resources. What I want to do is fine-tune this model.
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I've just rewatched Slush Fund, which is one of my favourite episodes. Doyle looks absolutely gorgeous throughout (although your mileage may vary on the pullover, I like it). Bodie's Scouse, van Niekerk's skin *g*.

On the question of van Neikerk, I decided to take a good look at the ending. Conventional fannish wisdom has it that Bodie kills him with a shot to the head, something which is often lamented because he's an excellent villain. I decided to find out for myself. Screencaps below the cut, but first a poll. Answer before peeking *g*.

[Poll #1522012]
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I already commented over here. This is just a repeat so I've got it under my tag system for reference/editing.

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I'm procrastinating again *g*. Decided I simply had to know how much a pint was in 1977 - 1981. I found The National Archives site, which has a database of items on the retail prices index from 1914 to 2004.

Unfortunately *deep sigh*, alcohol prices were only included from 1987, but I thought it might be interesting anyway.

ooh, look, I can do tables naow )
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I have a feeling I'm going to be spamming my flist today *g*

This is an interesting site that compares the relative "worth" of money between different time periods, using different scales.

For example,£1,000 from 1977 was worth the following in 2007
£4,477.19 using the retail price index
£7,553.93 using the average earnings
£8,740.36 using the per capita GDP

I don't pretend to understand the methodology behind it all, but it might be a Useful Thing for some people?


Dec. 24th, 2008 01:10 pm
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I've been feeling everyone's pain as they work on their dialj stories *g*. My own has been growing slowly, at about 300 per day, and I figure I need at least 8,000 to do the tale justice. But this morning I got up & wrote almost 600 words of the climactic scene, straight off the bat (the plotty climactic scene, dammit - so far this story isn't registering very high on the smut-o-meter), and it is good! Now I just have to go back and write another 5,000 or so to get to that point. And the slashy denoument, of course *g*. That's about 1,000 per day, to give time for betaing. Yep, I can do it!

As an intermission, I bring you something I wrote over on the Pros Forum, in response to a question Chiara wrote about lack of discussion about guns on the Forum.
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Right, back to story-writing!
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I love Mixed Doubles. A surprisingly sympathetic pair of villains, whose preparation for the Parsali Op parallels the Lads' own, on the opposite side. Production-wise the episode shows plenty of attention to detail in the camera work and lighting, which makes it a great episode for pimping the show. The script has a nice mix of seriousness and dark humour. And the "makes me smile" bits with Bodie and Doyle - the touching, the almost cuddling, the side-by-side all the way through – are perfect.

But what's this Dum-Dum business? What really makes a dum-dum bullet different from/worse than other bullets?
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Pros fandom needs this rant about as much as it needs another elf story, but what the hell, it made me feel better...

For some reason I've recently read several Pros stories that have included a reference to the fine old game of Rugby Union. Almost all of them got something pretty basic wrong, something that was enough to throw me out of the story at least temporarily. I know there's no chance of most of those errors being fixed, because they were in 'zine or circuit stories and the authors are no longer active in Pros. All I'm asking is that anyone writing about rugby in the future takes some time to familiarise themselves with the essentials.

While Wikipedia has several good articles (including rules, lists of tours, matches and results for the national sides) and the BBC website is another one worth looking through, I thought I'd do a brief summary that's more oriented towards people who are primarily interested in the game from the fan fiction angle. I'm therefore going to concentrate on the general historical setting of the 70's and the player types involved in the game.

Rugby basics for Pros fan fiction writers
1. Teams of the 70's )
2. Rugby Union playing positions and 70's British players )
43 Violence in the game of rugby union )
4. Would Bodie & Doyle be interested in/play Rugby? )


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