Nov. 29th, 2009 08:57 pm
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Spring in the Blue Mountains - Jacarandas in bloom, wildlife on the windows.

This weekend - a combined postponed Oktoberfest, 25th anniversary and Christmas party for The Routiers. 35-40 people in our back yard, in thirty degree heat. Music, beer, lot of food and friends old and new. I'm afraid Wrisomifu took a back seat yesterday.
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Last weekend was grand. OK, so Australia lost the Ashes (well done, England!), but I could at least console myself with the All Black victory in the Bledisloe (points to icon) while my Aussie friends had to make do with a Socceroos win over Ireland (3-0 though, way to go!).

I didn't watch any of it, strange as it may sound. Instead, Saturday night a group of us went into Sydney to the "Russian Resurrection" film festival at the Chauvel in Paddington. A lovely meal at the Bavarian Beer Cafe near Fox Studios, followed by a brisk walk up the road to the cinema, possibly the best popcorn in Sydney (especially good 'cos most of it was nicked from my friend's bucket), choc top icecream, movie, and afterwards pancakes and Jamaican coffee. Mmmmm....

We saw one of the retrospective films, "Prisoner of the Caucasus" (or "Kidnapping, Causassian style") from 1967. It's a broad comedy, with lots of slapstick humour, involving an intelligent but goofy and very naive ethnographer, Shurik, who goes to the Caucasus to investigate local culture. "Customs, rituals... and toasts!" (as Shurik never drinks, you can imagine what this leads to). Shurik meets a lovely girl, Nina, "a student, an athlete, a Young Communist... and a beauty", and falls in love. Unfortunately a corrupt local official wants to marry her and involves Shurik in his plotting under the guise of furthering his research. Very cheesy, but also wonderfully funny, and Nina is gorgeous.

Here's a couple of clips from the movie. I love the first most of all. Nina sings a song, "pesnia o medvediah" which talks about polar bears, how they rub their backs against the North Pole and make the world spin faster so lovers can meet sooner:

And here Nina, who is by far the smartest person in the movie, attempts to escape from her captors:

Great fun!
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Picspam post

First up, thanks to people who joined in with my joining in on the "one word" meme. It was a good one. I won't reply to individual comments, because I would be saying the same/similar thing to everybody, but I thank you very, very much for sharing (and if you missed the kick-off, the bar's still open).

Secondly - I haven't shoved my RL in your face shared much RL with you lately. So beneath the cut be pictures taken in the last couple of months. Warning for arachnophobes - I'm posting a couple of pics of a lovely Golden Orb spider and its web, taken outside our house mid-January. And lots more besides, so just scroll on down...

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So there it is - my life, or something like it.
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*general moaning & groaning*

So I thought this weekend would be a nice catching-up time after the hectic preparations for and exhausting time spent at the XIV Australasian Medieval Conference. Emails, admin, blah, blah...

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My mind has only just returned to the 21st century  after a camping weekend away with my reenactment group.

I arrived home and went to check my email/lj, thinking there wouldn't be much to read. Weekends are usually quiet. Not so! There were some 'spirited' discussions going on. Tired and more than a little unfocused, I decided not to contribute. I might say something about 'Consequences' later.
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We are about to go exploring. Our Hurstville neighbours C & W came up for dinner last night & today we are going to the Glenbrook Bluff, which overlooks the National Park, and then do a walk to the Jelly Bean Pool. No swimming, though: it's still a bit cool, although the sun has finally appeared.

The neighbourhood:

Later It turned sunny & hot, and by the time we walked over half of Glenbrook I was a puddle of sweat. Nice lunch at Mash Cafe fixed me up, though. I need coffee now.
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Woo Hoo!

There's something to be said for delayed birthday presents!

Item 1: Karen gave me "The Making of the Scarlet Pimpernel" yesterday. As her birthday is only 4 days before mine (on my parent's wedding anniversary), I gave her a bound collection of "Legion Outpost" articles.

Item 2: Brett got me a copy of Talking Classics' "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" narrated by Martin Shaw, off Ebay.

Item 3: Brett bought me "Finding Serenity", a collection of articles about "Anti-heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly".

Item 4: He says it's coming soon. I'm shivering with anticipation. And humbly grateful for my riches.
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I've been getting some positive feedback from people recently, some private emails about posts on various lists, and today my boss in my acting job said thanks very much and I thought you've been doing really well to pick everything up so quickly! So on Wednesday I'll be able to handover back to Dan with a smile on my face.

We'll be out to dinner tonight for a friend's 40th - she was going to the indoor climbing gym beforehand, but we decided it would be a bit much. Now I'm regretting not going.
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Waratahs 27 Crusaders 33 = contentment.

Sunday afternoon at the transposed Concordia(German) Club contemplating the future possibilities for Pell Mell in 17th century kit on the bowling green and indulging in sausage, sauerkraut and Dortmunder, in no particular order. Promised to invite friends over for dinner soon.

Post Conferention lung-rot still in evidence.


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