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So many of my IRL friends are on Facebook, yet it continues to baffle me. I can see no sense in the way things appear on one's wall, for example. A friend on holiday has updated 3 times in the past few days yet her most recent - sent from Heathrow, on her way back to Oz - was actually listed below the earlier two. I've figured out that I don't actually see the updates of lots of friends I want to keep up with - these are the ones who, like me, post something about once a month, if that - but I'm swamped by "share" messages (of varying quality) and rot from people who post 6 times a day. Do Not Like!

I'm surprisingly invested in tonight's RWC semi-final between France and Wales. Go Wales! It would be great to see a Wales vs All Blacks final. I mustn't get ahead of myself though - with Carter out for the rest of the tournament and McCaw injured but playing, tomorrow's game will be tough. Less of the good wishes though, ta mate.
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Welsh Rugby star comes out

Good on you, Gareth. May you live in peace and happiness.

In other reactions...

Huh? Was this sympathetic piece actually published in the Daily Mail? The same newspaper that had no qualms about running Jan Moir's hateful opinions about the death of Stephen Gately? Obviously sales are more important than a consistent editorial position, or anything like that.

I also checked out Planet Rugby's thread about the announcement. Now this is a pretty blokey forum, the insults (real and jokey) fly thick and fast, and I'm warning anyone who decides to go there that there's a fair amount of fail of different kinds in comments. But the majority of posters did respond positively to the news. And I was pleased that when one particular fool made a badly homophobic remark about GT, he was jumped on from a great height and ended up apologising.

And I'm glad that members of the Wallabies have taken a stand.

Where are you, All Blacks?

ETA: Badly worded article, but... OK.
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Jonny vs Dan... but ugh. I can't keep my eyes open (it's 1:30 in the morning here). But there's no FTA live broadcast & they'll only have the highlights tomorrow on Aussie TV, so I guess I'm stuck with Planet Rugby text commentary...

ETA: We won! 6 - 19. Would have been more except Carter had an uncharacteristically bad first half, missed two penalties. Cowan lucky to scored a try (set up by Sivivatu and McCaw), because from what I've read he didn't play that well for most of the game. Lots of dire mumblings from the commenters on PR about him - also Wilko, who apparently played a very contained game & England's backs didn't get as much ball as they should have.
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Pros fandom needs this rant about as much as it needs another elf story, but what the hell, it made me feel better...

For some reason I've recently read several Pros stories that have included a reference to the fine old game of Rugby Union. Almost all of them got something pretty basic wrong, something that was enough to throw me out of the story at least temporarily. I know there's no chance of most of those errors being fixed, because they were in 'zine or circuit stories and the authors are no longer active in Pros. All I'm asking is that anyone writing about rugby in the future takes some time to familiarise themselves with the essentials.

While Wikipedia has several good articles (including rules, lists of tours, matches and results for the national sides) and the BBC website is another one worth looking through, I thought I'd do a brief summary that's more oriented towards people who are primarily interested in the game from the fan fiction angle. I'm therefore going to concentrate on the general historical setting of the 70's and the player types involved in the game.

Rugby basics for Pros fan fiction writers
1. Teams of the 70's )
2. Rugby Union playing positions and 70's British players )
43 Violence in the game of rugby union )
4. Would Bodie & Doyle be interested in/play Rugby? )
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Well, Dan Carter should get it for the jockeyperformance ad alone *g*, but I agree that there are many to choose from. One man doesn't make a team, and they're a great team at the moment. Make that a team & a half. Maybe Tana should have it, even if his year wasn't outstanding & he blotted his copybook.
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All Blacks 30, Wallabies 13.

Didn't see the game, as this involves going to the pub up the road for Sky Sports, so I kept up with the match blow-by-blow on Planet-Rugby instead.

Number 10's really take a battering, don't they? Carter off with a torn calf muscle, so I hear, and Giteau (who I think is also a smart young player: had an email conversation last year with a friend about who should be the one to kick on the Aussie side & he didn't disagree with me about Matt) also off with injury.

Good to see Joe Rokocoko back in form: one of the nicest players on the team by all accounts. And Richie McCaw, over his head injury well and truly.

Happy win for the AB's.
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Sometimes an intended joke doesn't work in a really nice way. Case in point:

Read more... )

Must stop whingeing & be grateful for small mercies.
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Waratahs 27 Crusaders 33 = contentment.

Sunday afternoon at the transposed Concordia(German) Club contemplating the future possibilities for Pell Mell in 17th century kit on the bowling green and indulging in sausage, sauerkraut and Dortmunder, in no particular order. Promised to invite friends over for dinner soon.

Post Conferention lung-rot still in evidence.


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