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I suspect that I'm the one responsible for starting the whole Pago Pago thing (as opposed to Honolulu time, or "somewhere in the world it's still such-a-day" time). So I thought I should offer up some resources.

The World Clock is something I find very useful: for working out whether my boss is likely to be asleep or in meetings or dealing with emails, when he could be in Barcelona, Tehran or Boston on any given day, and for figuring out which of my friends might be on line *now*.

Here be links to the westernmost places on the American side of the International Date Line for you to bookmark - there's no actual difference between them, so you have a choice:

Pago Pago, American Samoa:

Alofi, capital of Niue:

Apia, capital of Samoa:
*Apia is actually closer to the Date Line than Pago Pago, so if you think Aunt Mabel should move there, feel free*

Unfortunately only Microsoft (on some systems) thinks the Marshal Islands are 12 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

For those running Firefox, FoxClocks is a nifty gizmo that puts a small timezone clock on your status bar. You can set it to any timezones you want to keep track of - Lad's time, Pago Pago time, Cincinnati time (don't know why I included that, except I just love the sound of it).

The reason I'm interested in all of this? I'm *always* running out of time!
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I'm thinking of everyone who is in, or has friends and loved ones in London right now. I hope you are all safe, that the damage is contained and those responsible found and punished.

Watching the news it looks like the emergency teams are doing a great job under the circumstances. You rock, guys!


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