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I suspect that I'm the one responsible for starting the whole Pago Pago thing (as opposed to Honolulu time, or "somewhere in the world it's still such-a-day" time). So I thought I should offer up some resources.

The World Clock is something I find very useful: for working out whether my boss is likely to be asleep or in meetings or dealing with emails, when he could be in Barcelona, Tehran or Boston on any given day, and for figuring out which of my friends might be on line *now*.

Here be links to the westernmost places on the American side of the International Date Line for you to bookmark - there's no actual difference between them, so you have a choice:

Pago Pago, American Samoa:

Alofi, capital of Niue:

Apia, capital of Samoa:
*Apia is actually closer to the Date Line than Pago Pago, so if you think Aunt Mabel should move there, feel free*

Unfortunately only Microsoft (on some systems) thinks the Marshal Islands are 12 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

For those running Firefox, FoxClocks is a nifty gizmo that puts a small timezone clock on your status bar. You can set it to any timezones you want to keep track of - Lad's time, Pago Pago time, Cincinnati time (don't know why I included that, except I just love the sound of it).

The reason I'm interested in all of this? I'm *always* running out of time!
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Cool Things:

Thanks to a friend on another blog I found a link to This Interview with Philip Pullman in which he states ” I am a devout believer in the complete democracy of text… Once a book is in your hands, ITS INTERPRETATION BELONGS TO YOU. You can read it in any way you like, and take away any meaning that makes sense to you. That's the great freedom of reading.”.

Reckon that goes for TV show watching too – just sayin’ *g*.

Also… *brief pause while I jump up and twirl around the room * I used some frequent flyer points that have been accumulating for about the last 10 years and booked flights – to London, in May! I’m coming to Nattercon, guys! Wheee! Arrive the Thursday before, leave at the end of the month *does silly dancey thing again*. It’ll be great to see you all, or as many of you as I can squeeze in *g*.

This means I should have the $ to get to the US in July as well, so Double Wheee!
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My friend J is also a reenactor and obtained a pair of historical reproduction shoes from a shoemaker by the name of Kevin Garlick. She gave me a contact email address before this trip, and I duly sent a message, but had heard nothing by the time I left Australia. So I rang J this morning and asked for his phone number, thinking I would keep the hire car for however long it took to visit him or one of the other recommended suppliers and order shoes to fit my (somewhat duck-like) feet.

"Where does Kevin live?" I asked, after J gave me the number.

"Isle of Wight" she replied.

Stunned silence for a moment: "I'm in Portsmouth!"

I tried to ring, but got no connection. The bloke at the guest house said the number was a mobile & might be switched off. But K announced her intention of taking advantage of the good weather by visiting the Isle today anyway, so under persuasion I trekked to the Information Centre and tried ringing again. This time I got through and was told the shop would be open until about 5. We took the hovercraft to Ryde after which we split up and I took a train and bus to Ventnor on the other side of the island. I found the address without difficulty and entered. 20 minutes and £190 later I walked out with a pair of soldier's closed shoes and another pair of ladies green latchets with raised wooden heels. I am so stoked, I have been embarrassing myself by wearing a hand-me down pair of B's which are marginally better than my own old falling apart pair but, being a couple of sizes too large, flap on my feet like paddles. The Captain has been commenting too but I think he'll be impressed now *g*.

Here's the website:
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Brighton is a fascinating place.

We weren't supposed to be there; we were travelling southward from Horley, looking for a road west to Portsmouth. However, travelling distances being what they are, it sort of snuck up on
us. I thought OK, at least it gives me an opportunity to find internet again. After asking in a music store we were directed to the London Road & a MacDonalds. Yay! Then we started to look around.

I confess that I thought that Brighton would be a bit like Blackpool, which I visited for the Babylon 5 Con in '97 & judged to be beyond deadly dull. Couldn't have been more wrong. Colour, kinkiness, a really good vibe - and we only walked a couple of miles. I am not letting B within a hundred miles of this place, at least not without a padlock on his wallet!

Unfortunately we needed to move on. We arrived at Portsmouth in the rain (this is my second visit - it was raining the first time as well). Found a B&B, a pub with real ale & good food, & this here cyber-cafe. Oh Joy.
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I had Grand Intentions of updating this journal to create a daily record of my UK trip. Unfortunately the exigencies of searching out Internet places, prioritising the hunt for accommodation & entertainment & replying to emails from friends and generally dealing with crappy keyboards & time limits, blah, blah, blah, has meant nothing much has happened until now. Halfway through the trip, and I'm now in a proper cyber cafe in Portsmouth, thinking about how to get back on track. I've decided I will make this the index entry & go back as time permits to fill in the blanks.

The trip so far:

Friday 7 October: leaving Sydney & the flight to Heathrow
Saturday 8 October: from Heathrow to Windsor & meeting fellow fans
Sunday 9 October: lunch with friends in London
Monday 10 October: drive to Bath via Avebury
Tuesday 11 October: Bath
Wednesday 12 October: Bath to Cardiff. First performance of 'A Man for All Seasons'.
Thursday 13 October: Matinee performance of AMFAS: Q&A session in the evening
The Cardiff Question and Answer session report (Friends locked)
Friday 14 October: Caerphilly Castle, St Fagan's Museum of Welsh Life, Third performance of AMFAS
Saturday 15 October: Tintern Abbey, driving to London, 'Measure for Measure' at The Globe.
Tintern Abbey and The Globe
Sunday 16 October: Horley to Brighton to Portsmouth
Horley to Brighton to Portsmouth
Monday 17 October: Isle of Wight and SHOES!
Isle of Wight and SHOES!
Tuesday 18 October: Mary Rose, Victory & back to London
Wednesday 19 October: Eltham Palace
Thursday 20 October: Professionals site tour
A Professionals site tour of London
Friday 21 October: Kensal Green & Forbidden Planet
Saturday 22 October - Sunday 23 October: The Flight Home


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