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Firstly - big sigh of relief. I sent my Big Bang fic off to the mods yesterday. A rough draft she is, but I have a compass outline. Although I've decided to come clean about my target word total:

There you go. I can do it, the scenes are mapped out already... but I'm still nervous. Plot hole number one to sort (from last night's rough rereading) "but where did he get the tape?" *g*

Also I am now using Word instead of wordpad, and no matter how many times I change the settings to Aus/UK English it keeps reverting to US - 'realize' - arrgh!

Linky: [ profile] batteredhaggis posted about The 1940 Chronicle a madly wonderful resource for the Battle of Britain. I do rather wish they hadn't used so much modern language reporting, but it's still a very useful site.

Work news: not counting on it, but the latest rumour about the Federal Government's implementation of Local Hospital Networks is that we will be going back to our pre-2005 boundaries. Which, if they decide to do it that way, would be a very good thing, as our old AHS was actually working quite well at the time. The emphasis on hospitals as the focus of care delivery worries me a lot though, and I'm not the only one.

It is cold, but the heating is now on, and B has volunteered to cook order pizza.

ETA: which reminds me - the TudorCook says he had a flurry of responses to his poll sometime after I posted about it - any of you lot involved with that?
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I'm procrastinating again *g*. Decided I simply had to know how much a pint was in 1977 - 1981. I found The National Archives site, which has a database of items on the retail prices index from 1914 to 2004.

Unfortunately *deep sigh*, alcohol prices were only included from 1987, but I thought it might be interesting anyway.

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I've been really bad about posting and answering comments lately, but I can at least report that I've been busy on Pros things in a behind-the-scenes way. A while ago [ profile] enednoviel asked me if I knew when Pros first aired in Australia. I only had vague memories (some of which turned out to be wrong). Anyway I thought that maybe the National Library would have copies of TV Week for the period, so I wrote to them. They referred me to the NSW State Library and I eventually got around to getting a readers card and reserving a bunch of volumes of issues from 1979 onwards. It took me a couple of goes, and I still don't have a definitive date for the first episode shown because there were some issues missing, but my best informed guess at this time is that it was probably 'Old Dog, New Tricks' on 25 August 1981. ETA: based on comments I need to go back to the earlier missing issues - might take a while.

The list so far is underneath the cut. I might go back in a little while and look for repeats - I only went as far as 1983 and The Hatstand Express (1984) mentions that the show was back on air then. Also I should recontact the ANL now I know what I'm looking for & see if they have the missing issues.

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I have a feeling I'm going to be spamming my flist today *g*

This is an interesting site that compares the relative "worth" of money between different time periods, using different scales.

For example,£1,000 from 1977 was worth the following in 2007
£4,477.19 using the retail price index
£7,553.93 using the average earnings
£8,740.36 using the per capita GDP

I don't pretend to understand the methodology behind it all, but it might be a Useful Thing for some people?
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I love Mixed Doubles. A surprisingly sympathetic pair of villains, whose preparation for the Parsali Op parallels the Lads' own, on the opposite side. Production-wise the episode shows plenty of attention to detail in the camera work and lighting, which makes it a great episode for pimping the show. The script has a nice mix of seriousness and dark humour. And the "makes me smile" bits with Bodie and Doyle - the touching, the almost cuddling, the side-by-side all the way through – are perfect.

But what's this Dum-Dum business? What really makes a dum-dum bullet different from/worse than other bullets?
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Jun. 30th, 2005 08:42 pm
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Brett & I have just finished watching the 8 part series video and (no surprise) were thoroughly impressed by Martin Shaw's ability to grasp the essence of a character. Rhodes isn’t my idea of a hero, in fact I despise much of what he did in southern Africa, his double-dealing and high-handedness, yet the portrayal was exceptionally human.

As a side note, I was very drawn to the character Frank Johnson, the Pioneer commander played by SA actor, and now film-maker, Gavin Hood. He drew my eye in every scene he played where Rhodes was not in the picture. In fact it is this observance that leads to my further comment on the series:

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