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I have a day off work today for the first time in ages, so I finally got myself organised to have a haircut. I'd been putting it off because long hair seemed simpler to manage when I knew I was going to have a chunk of skin removed from my neck, then afterwards I didn't want to knock the scar around while it was healing. But all is well now & I made an appointment with a new hairdresser, Nivarna in Springwood. New hairdressers are tricksy things, but I was very happy with this one. She gave my scalp a lovely, firm massage, asked very direct questions about what I wanted & made some suggestions, none of them too "out there" for me (I'm always wary of the ones that want you to have perms or foils on the first visit). She was impressed by the amount of waviness in my hair and did things with a curling iron and some lovely smelling stuff which meant I came out looking slightly (very slightly!) like Joyce Summers (the more natural version). Rather nice, although I don't think I can maintain it like this.

While we were chatting she told me I was lucky to get an appointment, as they're usually booked up three weeks in advance. There's a shortage of good hairdressers, apparently! We then talked about living in the Blue Mountains and she wondered if I'd found a doctor yet. That's the other big shortage. You have to be lucky to find one that's got a vacancy and even then you can wait weeks for an appointment. I don't have one yet, after 3 years, and I've been going down to the medical centre on the plains the few times I've needed a certificate or a referral. They aren't the best, but they do what I need. I was amused by the connection though - doctors and hairdressers, who would have thought it?
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Brett and I went to "Inside the Tardis" today. After experiencing something of a disappointment with "The Goodies" earlier this year, I am very happy to report that this show was terrific. The Doctors present were Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker, plus Katy Manning (companion Jo Grant). Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All Stars) was the host. Apparently he's a long time SF and Dr Who fan. He did a very good job.

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