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Firstly - big sigh of relief. I sent my Big Bang fic off to the mods yesterday. A rough draft she is, but I have a compass outline. Although I've decided to come clean about my target word total:

There you go. I can do it, the scenes are mapped out already... but I'm still nervous. Plot hole number one to sort (from last night's rough rereading) "but where did he get the tape?" *g*

Also I am now using Word instead of wordpad, and no matter how many times I change the settings to Aus/UK English it keeps reverting to US - 'realize' - arrgh!

Linky: [ profile] batteredhaggis posted about The 1940 Chronicle a madly wonderful resource for the Battle of Britain. I do rather wish they hadn't used so much modern language reporting, but it's still a very useful site.

Work news: not counting on it, but the latest rumour about the Federal Government's implementation of Local Hospital Networks is that we will be going back to our pre-2005 boundaries. Which, if they decide to do it that way, would be a very good thing, as our old AHS was actually working quite well at the time. The emphasis on hospitals as the focus of care delivery worries me a lot though, and I'm not the only one.

It is cold, but the heating is now on, and B has volunteered to cook order pizza.

ETA: which reminds me - the TudorCook says he had a flurry of responses to his poll sometime after I posted about it - any of you lot involved with that?
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Sometimes an intended joke doesn't work in a really nice way. Case in point:

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Must stop whingeing & be grateful for small mercies.
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I've been getting some positive feedback from people recently, some private emails about posts on various lists, and today my boss in my acting job said thanks very much and I thought you've been doing really well to pick everything up so quickly! So on Wednesday I'll be able to handover back to Dan with a smile on my face.

We'll be out to dinner tonight for a friend's 40th - she was going to the indoor climbing gym beforehand, but we decided it would be a bit much. Now I'm regretting not going.
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I actually got some work done today, hooray! No 11& 3/4th hour requests for things that don't really matter or would be better done by Someone Else. Maybe I'll stay around for a bit (my career aims at the moment swing from one extreme to another - I'll probably be in "walk out and tell them to screw themselves" mode again next week). I also got told that the guy I'm relieving won't be back for another month. They aren't paying me HGD because the positions are all interim/new and haven't been properly graded yet. I guess the experience will be useful somewhere.

Visited for the first time since her death. Publishing books since 1934! It's unfortunate that most of the obituaries have focused on the Witchworld titles, as in my mind these weren't half as good as her young adult science fiction which I read as a *g* young adult. Favourites:
- Catseye
- Judgement on Janus
- Dread Companion
- The Beast Master & Lord of Thunder

I hope that someday, someone will make a movie that will do justice to the Beastmaster stories. But Beastmaster's Ark isn't as good IMHO. Not as pacy or immediate as the first 2. I didn't mind Tani, but she felt like a character manufactured purely in the interests of the 'two by two' theme. Too neat a fit with Storm. Too much the rebellious child/love interest.


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