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Feb. 1st, 2015 07:14 pm
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It feels like a lazy weekend, because I haven't been out much, but we had a man come in on Saturday to give us quotes on solar panels, plus we've picked someone to strip the fibro from the garage, we're just in talks to organise the schedule.

I finally organised my writing folder and chased up all the bits and pieces I've posted everywhere since 2005. I then went the whole hog and sorted my WIP folder. Yes, [personal profile] moonlightmead, [personal profile] solosundance and [personal profile] murphybabe, you (or your "Name That Author" proposal) may have had something to do with this.

Apparently I have written and published a round three dozen stories over the past 10 years. The average word count is 2422. There are approximately the same number of unfinished fics in my WIP folder and the average number of words is 1800. I'm not sure what that means, although the posted fics are heavy on the drabble side and the unpublished ones... are not.

Anyway - I'm ready, bring it on! *g*.
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Firstly - big sigh of relief. I sent my Big Bang fic off to the mods yesterday. A rough draft she is, but I have a compass outline. Although I've decided to come clean about my target word total:

There you go. I can do it, the scenes are mapped out already... but I'm still nervous. Plot hole number one to sort (from last night's rough rereading) "but where did he get the tape?" *g*

Also I am now using Word instead of wordpad, and no matter how many times I change the settings to Aus/UK English it keeps reverting to US - 'realize' - arrgh!

Linky: [livejournal.com profile] batteredhaggis posted about The 1940 Chronicle a madly wonderful resource for the Battle of Britain. I do rather wish they hadn't used so much modern language reporting, but it's still a very useful site.

Work news: not counting on it, but the latest rumour about the Federal Government's implementation of Local Hospital Networks is that we will be going back to our pre-2005 boundaries. Which, if they decide to do it that way, would be a very good thing, as our old AHS was actually working quite well at the time. The emphasis on hospitals as the focus of care delivery worries me a lot though, and I'm not the only one.

It is cold, but the heating is now on, and B has volunteered to cook order pizza.

ETA: which reminds me - the TudorCook says he had a flurry of responses to his poll sometime after I posted about it - any of you lot involved with that?
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I have discovered Lagavulin Love. 16 year old Lagavulin is an incredibly sexy pure malt scotch from the Isle of Islay: "Time, say the Islanders, takes out the fire, but leaves in the warmth". It's true. Some single malts, like Glenmorangie (a previous favourite) need a little added water to release their best aromas and taste from the alcoholic spirit base. This one is for delicate sipping in it's undiluted form, the supple, smoky flavour spreading seductively over the palate without leaving any residual afterburn. Ahhhh.......

(It's all George Cowley's fault, really: I started drinking Glenfiddich because of The Professionals, but that brand just doesn't do it for me anymore).

This journal hasn't been updated for a while, but much has been happening. See below the cut:
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I said about 3 weeks ago that I might be off-line for a while because Brett & I are moving house. Well, we've shifted almost everything that could be moved in boxes, and the professionals (No, not THOSE Professionals - I've seen what they do to furniture :-) are coming in on Saturday for the big stuff, so it's real. We can't get confirmation of our internet cut-over yet. It could be a few days or more. We're going to leave one computer here until the 2nd, which is our deadline rental agreement-wise, and provided the connection lasts that long, as we have to come back to clean the walls etc.

If you are reading the friends-locked fic, there's been a major update to Part 3, and I have realised that part 4 needs a lot of work as well. This will happen over the next few weeks. It will still be unbetaed (God, that's such an ugly word).

Speaking of editors/betas, as a complete novice, how does one go about finding a suitable, willing one?
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Just a note to say that I will be only intermittently 'on-line' for a while. The settlement went through on the house yesterday, so we'll be packing up and moving over the next few weeks.

We're starting with the easy stuff - the bookshelves - plus the spare fridge and enough kitchen junk to actually cook a meal if we need to.

I'll still be working on my Pros-Famous Five crossover: up to 11,400 words and I've just done a rather nasty thing to one of the characters *g* I'm trying to be as authentic as possible with the descriptions of places like Kirrin Island. Unfortunately my friend with all the early edition Enid Blytons is in Turkey at the moment, but I found this wonderful site that has the illustrations for eleven of the books:


Must go have breakfast, and then packing.
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I keep painting myself into corners:
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So now get out of that! Say sorry again? Something really maudlin ('cos that's all I can think about this time of night)? Aaaaaaargh!
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Yes, I have been known to state that there are too many of these little beasties about, compared with more substantial fics. But the Face to Face Fan Fic Fun Fuh-Q Fest at Sinpozium (which I signed up for and then was too chicken to write anything) had a delayed effect. This came to me tonight & I wrote it in about 40 minutes:

(Warnings: Bodie/Doyle slash content. Characters not mine, I'm just playing. Sexual references, probably NC-17. Don't read if underage in your jurisdiction, etc)

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