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The weekend I just had:
- Flew to Wellington NZ.
- Had end of week drinks with nephew before
- meeting up with fangirls at the Oaks Noodle House

- stayed inna room with [personal profile] mab_browne and Dewey3067, with lots of fannish chat
- started reading Pros BB stories
- had delicious breakfasts both days, French Toast at Hey, George on Saturday, eggs with salmon & rosti at Franco's Trattoria on Sunday.
- spent hours both days immersed in fannishness (the programming was mostly as indicated here, with variations, also I did sneak off early on Sunday to visit rels)
- had fish & chips by the beach (as you do)
- "watched" the England vs Australia game via the Guardian live site on Sunday morning
- My team came second in the "pub" quiz!! Awesome guys dewey, deepbluemermaid, c?name-I-did-not-grasp.
- Got called a hipster Idris Elba fan (because Ultraviolet).
- Shades of get-togethers past... I'd completely forgotten/blanked the SLM chairs!
- Told some possibly interested folk about Bistocon next year (including the English Pub next door - which is hopefully fully renovated and operational by now).
- Visited my 93 year old aunt Sunday afternoon. She was in respite while my cousin visited son and grandsons in the SI. Partook of a bachelor tea afterwards (savoury mince from freezer, peas ditto, tomatoes, and chips from the local shop), then watched most of the second half of the morning's game again with cousins (-in-law and once-removed, both menz).
Lay in my attic upstairs bedroom and let the wind howl me to sleep. Walked past the stone trolls at Weta Cave in the morning and caught the bus back to Kilbirnie for a last hurrah brunch. Details about that I may add later, but this is going up while I have the opportunity. I forgot to bring the thing that connects my camera to my laptop, so I will also add some pictures later, hopefully.

Date: 2015-10-07 02:53 am (UTC)
mab_browne: Alpine scene and flowers from a painting by Rebecca Osbourne (Default)
From: [personal profile] mab_browne
For some strange reason, I had *not* blanked the SLM chairs...

I hope you had a good trip home.


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