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Brett and I went to "Inside the Tardis" today. After experiencing something of a disappointment with "The Goodies" earlier this year, I am very happy to report that this show was terrific. The Doctors present were Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker, plus Katy Manning (companion Jo Grant). Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All Stars) was the host. Apparently he's a long time SF and Dr Who fan. He did a very good job.

I can never remember enough of the content of shows like this to give a detailed account - Brett is heaps better, so I might pinch some of his report, if he does one, and post it here as a reminder. As an overview, in the first half Tim did individual interviews with Katy, Colin and Sylvester, in that order, which were interspersed with clips from the series. Good questions and very forthcoming guests. One story I remember because of the ewww! factor, was by Colin. He told us about an episode where he had to grubby his face to join a band of miners; he was given some clean fullers earth to use, but they went on a break and while they were away a dog came and "used" the container as a toilet. After they came back he went to the bucket, grabbed a big handful and smeared it on his face... and then he had to wait for 10 minutes to clean it off because they wanted to take continuity shots! There was another story about a shoot at Brighton, where a props man put a particular pebble down on the beach - which was a mass of pebbles - and told him that was the one he had to use in the scene. He answered a question later about Christopher Eccleston's season as the Doctor by saying he respected his decision to quit, that perhaps a short tenure would later be seen as showing a brighter light and he thought that he had been very good in the role.

Colin has a huge voice - it was no surprise to find out he has done musicals. He's also very witty. He and Tim appeared to have a genuine regard for each other's talents.

Katy is a scream *g*, very full on, and she has the biggest mouth I've seen on a woman since Lucille Ball. Speaking of screams, she did several during the very funny "live radio play" in the second half, and I shudder to think what she did to Colin and Sylvester's ears, because they were standing right next to her - she sounded like she could shatter glass!

Sylvester was a madcap livewire, doing crazy stuff with lots of body language. Very expressive.

I've mentioned the "radio play", which was the first item in the second half. Before the play, they drew a ticket for a chance to visit the Dr Who set, and a woman sitting right in front of us won it; she was brought on stage, and then had a very small, but funny part in the play. Then they took audience questions and the show wound up. Afterwards Brett went off to Ross' pre wedding party (don't call it a buck's night, even if it is all blokes) and I stood in line for autographs for about an hour and a quarter. Due to disorganisation, when they sorted out the back of the queue I only had about 10 people behind me, and when I reached the front the actors were showing signs of tiring and wanting to head off. When I got to Sylvester, I told him I'd recently watched Last Place on Earth and thought he had been terrific in it; he thanked me and said he'd very much enjoyed doing it. I then asked him what it was like working with Martin Shaw and he said great, Martin was great, it had been great to do. Not exactly earth shattering stuff, but it was 20 years ago. And he was clearly very tired by this time, looking a bit grey in the face. I didn't mind too much, he had been bouncing around on stage like a man 20 years younger than himself (now 62 years old, 2 years older than Martin). About filming in Greenland, he said it had been minus 52 degrees, which I sort of goggled at, because I'm sure there are other reports that said it was "only" 20 degrees below, much less than the Scott expedition had endured. Maybe a Fahrenheit to Celcius confusion. Must go look it up.

So that's the report. Now I have to go and finish typing letters to ALHF groups about their memberships, start a moving plan (settlement next Friday) and maybe some Pros writing/reading.

Date: 2005-07-30 10:32 am (UTC)
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Heh, only you could turn a Doctor Who day into a Pros moment *g*. Well done!

Sounds like a good day, glad you had fun. :-)

Date: 2005-07-30 12:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
True *g* - but I did mean what I said to Sylvester about his role as Bertie Bowers - he was magnificent! Even if I did have nightmares about frostbitten feet after the last 2 parts of the series.

Date: 2005-07-30 12:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wnet to My Ebay a few moments ago, and I just missed out on a DVD of Lewis Collins in Who Dares Wins. Bugger! :-( So much for being offline today. I should have been on, and bidding!

Date: 2005-07-30 12:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I got a copy recently when EzyDVD opened their Hurstville store - very cheap. Can lend if you want.

Date: 2005-07-30 12:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
's ok, ta :-). I just put a couple of bucks down on a vid of the same, maybe I'll get that. If not, I'll have a look at retail DVD.

Look what you've done to me!!111! ;-)


Date: 2005-07-30 10:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That sounds like it was fun. I understand that Sylvester McCoy's turn as the Doctor isn't always admired, but I rather liked him myself.


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